Granite or Marble in Markham for Your Bathroom Renovation

Installing granite or marble in your bathroom in Markham is an investment you can be proud of. The elegance and uniqueness of natural stone flooring and countertops will turn your bathroom into a stunning place of peace and tranquility. Give your bathroom that Spa look you have always desired with granite or marble in Markham. You are not limited to installing these gorgeous stones on the floor and counters in your bathroom however. Wall tiles, tub surrounds and shower stalls are also common uses for granite and marble in your bathroom. Whether you plan to have matching tiles, or complimentary patterns, you can achieve the elegant look you are after with granite and marble in your bathroom in Markham.
Choosing Tiles or Slabs
Choosing tiles or slabs for your bathroom is really a matter of preference. There are many styles, colours, patterns, sizes, textures and designs available to choose from. You may decide to have your entire bathroom done in one colour, or choose to have complimentary colours and patterns with either granite or marble, throughout. Why not add a gorgeous feature wall of granite tile for that wow factor everyone will talk about for years to come. Deciding whether you should get large tiles or small ones is another consideration to make when you plan your bathroom. Once you have an idea in mind of how you want your space to look, you can decide on the type of tile or slab that will fit the job perfectly.
Granite and Marble Benefits
In the world of bathroom renovation, there is a wide variety of materials to choose from to finish your surfaces. Some options include natural stone tiles such as granite and marble or even linoleum and hardwoods for example. None can compare however, to the durability and practicality of granite and marble in your Markham bathroom. Granite is not only absolutely stunning, it is also extremely durable. Granite is formed by the solidification of feldspar, quartz and mica deep below the earth's crust. Through its formation it becomes extremely hard. The second hardest rock on earth as a matter of fact. Not only is it tough enough to withstand all the day-to-day demands that being part of your bathroom will bring, but it is also impermeable. Marble is also a hard rock, and equally as beautiful as granite. Marble is more porous however, so care needs to be taken when subjected to high levels of moisture. These features certainly make for splendid materials for your bathroom. Once you have installed granite or marble in your bathroom, you will never need to refinish that space again. Granite and marble are not only practical, durable and stunning; they also add value to your home. There will be a definite return on investment if resale is a consideration in your bathroom refinishing.
Planning your bathroom renovation project can be quite an exciting process. Choosing the right natural stone for you will make your space as unique as you are.